Children's Dentistry

Early Visits to the Dentist for Pediatric Patients

Dentist for Pediatric Patients in Cedar Rapids, IA

Your child’s smile will melt your heart, so help them keep their teeth healthy and pearly white with dental care for pediatric patients from Family SmileCare Center. You can take your children to a pediatric dentist, or you can enjoy the convenience of scheduling dental appointments for the entire family at the same time with our experienced staff.

Your child should begin going to the dentist at about 1 year old. The first appointment is a great chance for your child to meet the dentist and reinforce that going to the dentist is not painful or scary. Our dental hygienists will count teeth and look at the amount of space they will have. Then we will brush your little one’s teeth and show you how to get the hidden spots that people tend to miss.

Children should visit their dentist every 6 months to prevent oral health problem and get a thorough cleaning.

Protecting Permanent Teeth with Sealants

As your child loses baby teeth and permanent teeth come in, prevention is the name of the game. Between age 6 and 12 permanent teeth will need to have sealants put on to prevent cavities, especially on molars that are more difficult for them to brush properly.

Yearly Dental Exams Will Help You Prepare

At a pretty early age, your child’s dentist will be able to tell you if you should plan for orthodontic services or cosmetic dental services for teeth that may not grow in properly. If you know years in advance, you can create a financial plan to help cover the specialized services.

Call Family SmileCare Center today for thorough and gentle dental care for your child.

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